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Re: FT tryout

From: "Anthony Leibrick" <a.leibrick@v...>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 20:37:44 -0000
Subject: Re: FT tryout

Earlier I asked

> This Sunday I'm going to tryout FT at my club. We'll be using the
> movement from FB as that is what attracts me to the system. I want to
> two small groups of ships out of the Fleet Book. Can anyone suggest
> ships what be suitable. They should have a wide range of tactical
> and the fight should be short but not too quick.

After a lot of advice I've decided to go with:
NAC 2 Furious CE and a Majestic BC versus
ESU 2 Gorshkov CG(?) and a Manchuria BC
There is only 4 points difference between each squadron and the squadron
tonnage is exactly equal. Now this may not mean anything in reality, but
will satisfy those players who want a balance.
Aside from the standard beam weaponry there is also p-torps and SM to
introduce a tactical variation. SM may be considered only for the adept
with a thrust factor of 4 it should be possible to place a salvo marker
the optimum location.
Can anyone suggest a possible best tactic for each side. To me it looks
long range sniping for the ESU versus the NAC getting close and vicious.

"Eku staras flonderans"

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