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[GZG ECC] My thoughts

From: Jon Davis <davisje@n...>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 07:01:15 -0500
Subject: [GZG ECC] My thoughts

Impressive.  Simply impressive.

GZG-ECC III has been a very memorable gaming weekend for me and I'd 
like to publicly thank those who contributed to such a fine weekend 
of camaraderie and fun.

Thank you to our hard working organizer team, Mark and Jerry.  It's 
been a long road and we've got the e-mails to prove it.  It is even 
more impressive to think that we can pull this event off without 
meeting face-to-face each year.

Thank you to the Hotel Brunswick, whose facilities were ideal for our
type of convention.  With the open windows on the west side, we had a
lot of interested passerbys drop by for a look.

Thank you to the vendors who've supported us with their generous 
donations of prizes and presence.  It has truly added to the 
  o  Jon Tuffley of Ground Zero Games
  o  Tony Francis of Brigade Models
  o  KR of GeoHex 
  o  Erik Kochte of Corner Fortress Collectibles
  o  Bill Spring of B.R. Snasis Games
  o  John Kovalic of Dork Tower
  o  Nick and Jana Tompkins of Epicast
  o  David Dunn of DLD Productions

Thank you to all the hours our Gamemasters spend on their figures 
and terrain and playtesting.  I did a LOT of playtesting for a couple
of GMs this year! Your events are the framework for the convention.

Thank you to our volunteers who were able to help out in other ways.
Nick for the T-shirts and Ted for his setup help.

And finally, thanks to all the guys who come to play and simply
have fun on some hot, cold, or frozen and ALWAYS dangerous part of
the universe.  

The long drive home gives everyone a chance to prepare and ponder 
about next year's convention.  First, if you have any thoughts and 
suggestions or improvements, the organization team would like to hear
from you.  We can make the convention better and have done so from 
your inputs.  I have a few ideas up my sleeve too.

We will be confirming the details for next year's convention shortly
and will post it to this e-mail list.

I have heard from many of you and the ideas you're generating for 
next year's scenarios is outstanding.  For example:
  o  Pod Racing
  o  A linked Full Thrust - Dirtside - Stargrunt scenario
  o  Starcraft Dirtside
  o  Starship boarding actions
  o  FMA Paintball
  o  FMA Counterstrike and hostage rescue
  o  The long awaited payback for the Weyland-Yutani hack
  o  Aliens - Into the Atmospheric Processor

I wish I had the time to play in all of them.  It will be a blast.

I am nearing completion of the photo editing process and I will get 
the photos to Jerry for the web page when I am done.

Jon Davis

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