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GMS at Infantry

From: Thomas Barclay of the Clan Barclay <kaladorn@h...>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 01:46:38 -0500
Subject: GMS at Infantry

1) Some GMS models have ARs. Seems reasonable to me. YMMV.
2) Many weapons systems have an antipersonel capacity - this includes
RFACs, CPR guns, etc. I imagine by 2183, most weapons systems will be
multi-mode or have multiple warhead types or settings. Several viable
ideas for AP GMS have been suggested.
3) The only good argument against GMS vs. Infantry I can see is cost -
is it worth $X for a GMS round to smack an infantry squad. If you think
X is small or if you think the budget is big, then by all means.

Here is how I'd resolve it.
Infantry: Normally ECM d4 since they have no ECM. But GMS are not
normally meant to target infantry, so I'd generously give them 1 die
shift to D6. No die shift for powered armour - they emit enough to be
targetable at D4 (unless some fiend thinks they have ECM).
Attack Dice: Quality + Guidance.
Result: Treat resulting attack as D8 impact. Count pips as you do with
small arms... and then divide by the defensive die to get # of impacts.
Then assume D8 like as if a point fire attack had occured.

But that's just my 0.02. If an IAVR can hurt you, so can a GMS.


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