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Re: FT / DS2 interface (miniatures idea)

From: Thomas Pope <tpope@c...>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 14:01:01 -0400
Subject: Re: FT / DS2 interface (miniatures idea)

Oerjan Ohlson wrote:
> > - It would be really nice to have matching FT-scale and DS2-scale
> > assault landers.  I know there is already that big resin version for
> > DS2, that should  be pretty easy to make in FT scale...
> ...and a FT-scale model of the small interface lander (the one already
> available in both DSII and SGII scale...

> > - Though it's not really covered in the rules (is it?)
> DSII pps 41-43, SGII pps 48-51.

Thanks.  I figured I was just forgetting it, and I didn't have them in
front of me...
> > Unless there's some universe mechanic forbidding  it, I
> >   imagine fighters would make good ground-support craft in a pinch.
> That depends entirely on their design. The B5 Aurora Starfury (the
> common one in the show) can't operate in atmospheres IIRC :-/

It doesn't seem like there are any restrictions in the GZG universe from
having fighters act in a ground support mode, but I could't remember for
> A few problems here, mainly caused by the fact that there are only so
> many ways to build a tender, cargo ship or small vessel :-/ They'd be
> even more repetitive than the FB1 DDs (OK, the thrust rating and 
> amount of armour varies from nation to nation, but their armaments are
> identical...).

Agreed, but I'd still like to see diferent models, even if the SSD's
were identical.  There are cetainly specialized vehicles of that sort in
use today.  

However, things like assault landers and carriers might be very
different.  Some might be expected to fight their way to the planet,
some might be empty hulls with hanger bays, some might have ortillery,
some might even be aeordynamic and land themselves (That'd make a truely
massive model in DS2 scale)

> The thing that strikes me is: Why constrict yourself to GZG models?

Two reasons:

1) I'm kind of anal about 'official backrounds.'   I know it's silly, 
   but that's the way I am.
2) I like GZG and would prefer to buy something from then than any other

   company (well, them or GeoHex)

> There are scores of different starship lines out there; chances are
> quite good that someone already makes the model you're looking for.

In some cases that's true.  But for instance, if I wanted a luxury liner
I'd be stuck unless I could find an old Traveller model on clearance. 
There just aren't that many starships ranges in production, fewer ones
that I like and fewer still that match GZG's line.


Thomas Pope
Human Computer Interaction Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

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