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FT / DS2 interface (miniatures idea)

From: Thomas Pope <tpope@c...>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 16:10:30 -0400
Subject: FT / DS2 interface (miniatures idea)

After reading through the Fleet Book and purchasing a couple of fleets
I'm finally ready to start playing Full Thrust.  However, I noticed that
little attention has been given so far to the actual space to ground
operations. (at least not in the miniatures line)

A couple of things I'd really like to see added to the FT range:

- Specific assault boat carriers for each nationality.	I know they're
  listed as generic equipment, but they are warships of a sort, and
  probably each take on the "look and feel" of the specific Navy they

- It would be really nice to have matching FT-scale and DS2-scale
  landers.  I know there is already that big resin version for DS2, that
  be pretty easy to make in FT scale...

- Though it's not really covered in the rules (is it?) I'd love to see
DS2 scale 
  fighters as well.  Unless there's some universe mechanic forbidding
it, I 
  imagine fighters would make good ground-support craft in a pinch. 
Plus the 
  new minaitures would tie in nicely with the idea in my other post (FT
  combat game)...

- I guess you could just retrofit this onto an existing design, but if
any of 
  the nations have specially designed ships for planetary bombardment
  up-gunned assault carriers) they would be nice to have as well...

Some other random thoughts:

- in general, I'd really like to see more ships designed unique to the
  nations.  Things like Fleet tenders, repair/salvage ships, armed cargo
  fuel carriers.  This also includes non-ftl ships. (strikeboats and
  defense boats)

- Civilian ships are always nice, though I don't imagine they sell
  well.  Still, I'd buy a luxury liner if one was produced.  FTL
  couriers, scout ships, etc. woudl be nice too...

I suppose that's all.  I figured rather then emailing Jon directly about
this, it might be nice to get some feedback.  If nothing else, having
ten people say "I'd buy this" is always better than one.


Thomas Pope
Human Computer Interaction Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

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