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Re: FMA/SG2 CC question

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 11:04:39 -0700
Subject: Re: FMA/SG2 CC question

Thomas Barclay wrote:

> Scenario:
> Unit (or in FMA) figure fires on another nearby figure (say 8" away).
> Then says "I combat move up to that figure or unit". Rolls, makes it.
> They are standing toe to toe. My gut feeling is to resolve a CC, only
> this is nasty because
> 1) the attacker only spent 1 action to do it (so it's great efficiency
> wise), 2) the attacker didn't test to initiate, the defender to stand.

My decending list of preferences...
1. I say no CC. The guy didn't plan it out ahead. He gets there and
a point blank in the face. Maybe next turn he can get a  leader to give
him an action. I don't think a firefight a point blank is cheesy. I have
friends to whom this has happened to for real. After all firefights take
place at 1 or 2 meters just like they do at 50 meters. (remember the
apricot story?)

2. He can CC after a +2 reaction check but the defender gets a free
reaction fire on him. (maybe no threat check on the defender or an
fora free withdrawl?)

Why penalize the defender for poor planning on the attacker's part?


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