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[FH] Islamic and Alarishi systems

From: Laserlight <laserlight@c...>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 18:40:12 -0400
Subject: [FH] Islamic and Alarishi systems

AE     Alarish			 CP-51°5356
IF	New Pakistan	   CP-51°4413
AE    Coronado			LTT 4818
IF	New Persia	     CP-58°5467
AE    (claim)			 CD-39°7301
IF     New Egypt	      CD-32°8179
IF     New Syria	       CD-26°8883
PAU KwaZulu		    CP-45°3978
PAU New Zimbabwe    CP-42°4101
AE    Huy Braseal	   Ross 695
IF     New Arabia	     BD-17°3813
IF     Dar es Salaam	  LTT 5455

The Islamic Federation wishes to protest the erroneous
assignment by the Interstellar Astrographic Commission of
the names "Mesopotamia" and "New Armenia".   The correct
names are as shown.

Alarishi names are references to "paradise".  Insofar as I
can tell, the name Alarish itself comes from al-'Arish, the
wadi between Egypt and the Promised Land.  My subconscious
hasn't kept me well informed about this, though.

I tossed in a couple of PAU names because a) no one else
had; b) they're close to me (in fact, closer than Huy
Braseal is to Alarish--the list above is sorted by distance
from Alarish); and c) I wanted to make sure those names got
used.  "KwaZulu" means approximately "Zulu Homeland" and
"Zimbabwe" is a reference to the great trading kingdom.

The Alarishi Empire is claiming CD-39*7301, and there's a G
type star there--probably a lot more hospitable than
anything the Alarishi own right now.  I'll have to figure
out why no one has claimed it before now.  Maybe we found a
KraVak shrine, and that's why they're headed this way?

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