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Re: Vector Movement

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Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 17:52:34 EDT
Subject: Re: Vector Movement

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 What a lot of wazoo tech  is accomplishing is add information overload
to a
 commander's worries. It's not like our brains are being upgraded at the
 pace. Also while any given piece of wazoo tech is fine, it's rare to
see it 
 being used at the same time at once due to a whole range of assets
 availability, compatibility, and of course enemy counter-actions.
 In fact now that we're on the subject we should have a good discussion
on the
 foreseeable future and roll of artillery on some of these planetary 
 and how it impacts SG.. (Too late for me, gotta sleep!)

A company task force rarely has more than its own mortar assets
dedicated, battalion and brigade assets are usually pre-assigned to
operations as per the operations order. We've always been more flexible
the old soviet doctrine where artillery assets and air support were 
obtainable only by higher level commanders. To move toward that model
be a terrible loss of flexibility in a tactical sense when we are
overburdened by a lack of "numbers" of assets to put in the field in the

first place. In the tactical requirements of raid and counter raid some
of light artillery on the ground would be a good choice OR an
launch platform - either solution should be controllable by a FST
officer or 
vehicle assigned to the raiding unit to make sure that limited assets
used to the maximum of their capability.

When I design a SG or Dirtside unit's TOE, I put light artillery assets
with it, usually some variety of multi-barrel rocket launcher or mortar 

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