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The UN

From: "Thomas Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 15:55:54 -0400
Subject: The UN

Another esteemed member of the GZGverse wrote:

I'm not suggesting an allien invasion as means of implamenting Global


I am. I think it'd be the fastest (though maybe not safest) way to get
us all together on the same page. I keep thinking if this doesn't
happen, we may eventually let loose with biowar agents or nukes and
it'll be game over for the species. I sure hope not.... it'd seem a
waste of a lot of effort our ancestors put in. And if it happens
before 2183, it'll sure make Jon look silly ;)

BTW, Brian, I thought your comment on letting in-place defenders pre
measure to terrain features was good. I think that is totally within
the spirit of things. Range stakes as it were! Yes, this is a very
effective way to judge ranges. Just like when we're playing on a 10x6
battlefield with "seams", we know one board is 4' wide, another 2'
wide, and another 4' wide.... so you can guess some ranges a bit from
that (a design flaw I will rectify on my table - there shall be no
visible seam).

The one about measuring with checked shirts was a new one on me. THAT
reeks of cheese.... anyone I caught doing that would be laughed away
from our gaming table. Generally, I find that sound tactics have more
to do with me winning or losing that whether I let Herman the German
(my fictional opposition) measure something.

Just make sure everyone has the same vision before the start of a game
(esp. at a Con) and you're good to go. Fail to do that, and you might
get an argument later. To my mind, if someone new argues too much
about stupid stuff like this, they really aren't the kind of folk I'm
interested in spending time with. I've got better things to do - like
worry about what tactics my enemy might devise - rather than worrying
about arguing stupid details....

Thomas Barclay
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