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Re: premeasuring=holy wars

From: "Jeremy Sadler" <jsadler@e...>
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 09:34:11 +1000
Subject: Re: premeasuring=holy wars

>All of this is probably because of one of my earliest experiences
>with a different group, in which I watched one of the other players
>24 inches from my unit of archers, and then carefully maneuver his
>(one at a time) so that they were *just* over 24 inches away at all
>This required them to leave the road and crawl along the edge of the
>you understand.  I think that this just stuck in my craw.  Mind you,
>were also they kind of people who made continental drift a factor in
>games ("Wasn't that hill 6 inches to the right, so my guys had cover
>it?"  ""), so I know that this is atypical behavior.  Hey, I
was 15
>at the time, and this was my second historical game...I'm allowed to be
>little bitter.

This has to be one of the biggest reasons I gave up gaming Epic. I was
continually running up against people like this - who had forgotten, or
never had, the "spirit" of the game and were merely manipulating the
so they could win. I used to play BattleTech at conventions - same
reason I
stopped that. (In fact pretty much same reason I stopped playing BT

This is why I love the GZG range so much. They have a much better feel
espirit de corps (sp?) between players, which I feel the rules
encourage. I
haven't yet run into anyone who manipulated the rules just so they can
an advantage. But then, I'm also older and wiser now and choose my
more carefully. :)

Jeremy Sadler
Unofficial Stargrunt II Web Site

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