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RE: Armageddon Outfitter (was: Granaatscherven)

From: "Robertson, Brendan" <Brendan.Robertson@d...>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 09:39:47 +1000
Subject: RE: Armageddon Outfitter (was: Granaatscherven)

One suggested addition to Armageddon Outfitter; how about the ability to
enter the number of weapons of a specific type?
With weapons like beams, you often have large multiples with the same
arcs, so it would be a lot easier to add just once (and allows for
tweaking of the stats.)

Neath Southern Skies

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> From: Tom Anderson
> Sent: Friday, August 20, 1999 4:28 AM
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> Subject:	Re: Armageddon Outfitter (was: Granaatscherven)
> On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Samuel Reynolds wrote:
> > not so long ago, tom a wrote:
> >
> > >On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Izenberg, Noam wrote:
> > >
> > >> Maybe I miscounted, but I thought my AI scout had 3 hull boxes (1
> hull + 2
> > >> armor). I didn't but any weapons on it becuase the base AI in the
> I wish
> > >> to use would be overtaxed trying to maneuver with the  ship its
> escorting
> > >> _and_ conduct defensive fire.
> > >
> > >i worked it out on argmageddon outfitter, which i think may behave
> > >little strangely at low mass.
> >  
> > If you can identify a case where AO/FB Ship Designer generates
> > incorrect results, let me know--I'll fix it.
> ah, well, the thing is, i don't have a copy of the FB, so i can't
check if
> unexpected behaviour is a bug in AO or my understanding of the design
> rules. the problem i had was in duplicating Noam's design: AO thought
> was illegal. still, chances are it was error on my part.
> > BTW: If I added SRD generation to AO, would people use it?
> SRD = SSD, i assume.
> > Without having done it yet, I think it would work this way:
> >    o  Checkbox switches Design Summary between text and SRD.
> how about a link or button, so that you use AO as-is, then click on a
> for the SSD at the end. the current display is, i'd say, better for
> designing, and far more lightweight (if updating the SSD is slow,
> won't use it in the design phase).
> >    o  Uses custom downloadable font for SRD symbols (but
> >	  with version 4+ browsers would not require font
> >	  installation).
> but not by everyone else. would this work for mac users (probably)?
> users (unlikely)?
> >    o  By downloading and installing font, you could copy
> >	  and save SRD from page, and view/print it off-line.
> i'd favour constructing a GIF and sending that, but this would take
> hackery, which is probably tricky and very isp-dependent.
> > I'm also thinking about what features to provide for a
> > Dirtside II Motor Pool module, for designing DSII vehicles.
> that would be cool too; someone should collect together the links for
> your proposed MP app and the SG2 power armour designer (which i've
> seen, but have heard tell of).
> regards,
> tom

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