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Re: FMA Skirmish Weapon Ranges and Area Fire

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 11:39:46 -0700
Subject: Re: FMA Skirmish Weapon Ranges and Area Fire

Thomas Barclay wrote:

> > FP is a function of firing mode (which is determined in part by
> > weapon):
> >
> > Semi Auto:		    1d8 	    ammo use: 1 round
> This should use at least 2-3 rounds even in semi unless you are doing
> aimed fire.
> ---------------------- REPLY -----------------------
> It is single shot because of the time scale.... and because I wanted
> there to be ammo tracking.
> ---------------------- END REPLY -----------------------

Maybe then just talk how many attacks you get per mag rather than how
rounds (I still think in 15 seconds given on aimed semi-auto fire at
anything other than longer ranges you would be popping off several
per target.) But it's really slicing hairs.  BTW what's the ammo
mechanism? And is there then a	 reload action?

> >
> > Burst:	    1d10	    ammo use: burst
> > FA: 		    1d12	    ammo use: some number of
> rounds up to a max
> >
> Wait shouldn't this be completely opposite since semi is more
> accurate? Semi should get the higher FP than FA though
> you get a chance to hit more guys with that lower attack in FA?
> This way I think you can then dispense with teh range shifts below.
> ---------------------- REPLY -----------------------
> I see your point. That could work, though calling it FP then makes
> less sense.
> The thing is, firing bursts at a target you can see seems to me likely
> to give you (if you are at short ranges) better odds of a casualty
> (more rounds in the target area) and better odds of suppression. This
> occurs through
> a larger die type, not necessarily being able to engage more targets.

Of course you already address this with the fact that firing auto gives
you more attacks per firing action. That covers the getting hit with
rounds. You could expend two bursts on the guy to get him down, even if
impact fails on the first pass.

> Did I miss something in the rules? Is there a differnce between
> standing, kneeling and Prone (BTW Jon make some damn
> prone SG2 figs!!!!) I've been using In position in my FMA tests.
> ---------------------- REPLY -----------------------
> I didn't see it, but in a Skirmish game, there probably should be. We
> all know laying on the range, not having
> to support the weapon, your accuracy increases. We also know using a
> rest when kneeling or sitting makes you pretty accurate too. And as
> you've pointed out, posture should affect how grenades affect you. And
> it occurs to me your target profile is a big function of this too - a
> prone figure being fired on is MUCH harder to hit than a standing
> figure in the open.

How would this come into effect, Range band shifts? (negated by aimed
fire) Might be too harsh though...We could simplify it into up or down
(same as in position) with one shift instead of three (Unless you get
die roll modifiers which is what the system avoids) I'll have to
some options this weekend.

> I also wish there was a way to bring this a tad closer to stargrunt.
> What I'm beating around the bush about is the
> ability to move multiple figures in one activation. Something like if
> you are within two inches of your squad leader
> and everyone passes a task check, then they can move/fire together.
> Makes leaders a tad more important in FMA, allows
> for some coordinated moves and fire groups. Would be especially
> important in CQB and room clearing. The downside is
> people that close would fall under the effect of your area fire so you
> can weigh the benifits vs hazards..
> ---------------------- REPLY -----------------------
> How bout this:
> Joint activation for units under a commander:
> Commander gives an order. If it is comms, he must make a comms roll.
> (can be jammed a la EW). If it gets
> through, he rolls his quality versus the combination of his and his
> targets motivation. If he can yell at the target in person (say target
> is closer than commander quality meters (5" for veteran, 6" for elite,
> etc)), give him a +1 on this roll.

OK I understand he rolls his quality die, (Say a reg D8 beating a 2) now
he's shouting to two guys within 3". Both are reg 3s. SO in both cases
command attempt has to beat a 3? Or are you saying that in both attempts
he must roll higher than a 5? (3+2) (I like the latter)

> Obviously, the # of figures affected should be a consequence of
> quality level - limit it to quality level # figs - 10 for a vet, 8 for
> a regular. If you activate subordiante sergeants and stuff, they too
> may attempt to activate their subordinates in cascade.

Seems a little high, Needs to be some combo of experience and quality
the downside is that anyone who keeps guys that close together so they
all be controlled also subjects them to all kinds of nasty things like
your MG auto fire and grenade bursts so there is a tradeoff.

I see this also: The leader has his two actions. He wants his guys to
follow. He uses one action to  yell and one to move.  (Because he needs
time to lead by example) Or does his command action cost the rest of his
turn. Can he move then pass on actions? Do the recipients get one action
or two? I suppose the simple way is they get two. Can a leader activate
subordinate leaders, say fire team leaders, who then pass on their
activation's to the men (assuming the right checks are made) so you have
whole bunch going at once?



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