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Re: A small request.... :-)

From: Jonathan White <Jonw@n...>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 08:39:21 +0100
Subject: Re: A small request.... :-)

Ryan M Gill wrote:

> ryan, waiting for the new G3/400 with 100 mb of ram to arrive...
> I wonder who has a good macintish based 3d app around here...I've got
> minicad already, I could start some wireframes as I have a good supply
> NAC figures already. Some components would be easily reusable.
> bridge components.

I can recommend Ray Dream Studio, but version 4 (it's up to 5 in the
is very flakey on my new G3. In the UK there's a special offer running
you can get the cut down version - just called Ray Dream - plus the last
one versions of Poser (human modelling) and Bryce (landscape modelling)
99 pounds. Given they each individually cost more than that to buy it's
excellent offer if you can get it.

I'm also seriously looking at Cinema4D Go, which is very versatile and
Problem is that version is limited to rendering at NTSC screen
(576Xsomething) so it would be no good for paper illustration. Next
up (C4d SE) is around 300 quid, which is a bit heavy for a hobbyist, but
that's about what RD studio is too.

NOTE: All the programs mentioned are available for both Windows and Mac
before anyone starts.

You can D/l demos of the ray dream/poser/bryce apps from and demos of the various version of Cinema 4D can
got via

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