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[DS II] YNA Chit replacement scheme

From: bbrush@r...
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 10:31:57 -0500
Subject: [DS II] YNA Chit replacement scheme

As some of you may remember I asked about a percental chart to replace
chits, and while Andrew was very nice to point me in the direction of
his page
(thanks Andrew) neither of his charts are percental based, which is what
really want.

This "project" was instigated by a conversation I had with Bryan at Gen
Con in
which we both admitted to being somewhat paranoid about losing chits
Cons, and the negative consequences of that.  Plus there's always the
problem of
"Who didn't put these 4 Red 2's, and 3 Red 3's back in the chit
bucket?".  :-)

So last night I sat down to count my chits to verify that I have a full
set for
an upcoming Con.  (It will be my first GM'ing DS for KR)  Since I was
anyway it was a small matter to note down the exact distribution of
(colors, numbers, etc).  Once I knew the distribution it was easy to
convert to
a percental chart.  If anyone is really interested I can post my exact
method in
another post.  Anyway here is the chart.  The probabilities on it should
within half a percent as the chits.

97-100	Boom
89-96  R3
76-88  R2
59-75  R1
55-58  R0
51-54  Y3
45-50  Y2
37-44  Y1
34-36  Y0
30-33  Gr3
24-29  Gr2
16-23  Gr1
13-15  Gr0
7-12	M
3-6	  Systems down - Target
1-2	  Systems down - Firer

Obviously this chart is organized with my own personal bias that the
higher you
roll the better the result should be, but it could certainly be
rearranged.  If
anyone wishes to do so, I would be happy to provide the probabilities I
the chart on.

I hope someone finds this interesting/useful.


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