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Re: [FT] Eldar minis

From: "Tom McCarthy" <tmcarth@f...>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 09:22:52 -0400
Subject: Re: [FT] Eldar minis

Nothing too firm on the Eldar yet (particularly since the Imperial/Chaos
stuff hasn't been playtested).

I expect I'd give the Eldar some kind of inertialess drive.  In vector
movement, their nose and vector are always aligned and they can turn
and vector) to any facing before applying thrust (acceleration,
deceleration, limited pushes).	In cinematic, they again turn to any
before moving, then accelerate or decelerate.  In either case, I'd let
write orders and move with everyone else, fire, then move away (no
except when facing enemy Eldar).

To make a different force, have them write two sets of orders.	Move the
first set, mark it, and move the second.  They fire from the mark but
targeted at the end point.

To make a really different force, again have them write the two sets of
orders.  When activated, they move the first set, fire, then move the
second.  Note that this option means several small fighter and missile
resolution phases which might do a good job of representing the Eldar
holofield's disruptive effects on anything but beam fire.

Since their weapons are more accurate, they probably need slightly
weapon designs than the humans, too.  Defensively, they are relatively
from lances, torpedoes, etc, but vulnerable to beams.  Could be hard to
model (depending on how you model lances).

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