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Re: Vector Movement and SML's

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Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 13:37:04 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Vector Movement and SML's

Leaping headlong into the middle of this discussion...

>>intend to, but for every ship I've even seen vaporised by a
coordinated SM
>>attack, I've seens one which stood there and laughed
>Only if you get missed do you laugh..unless your esteemed opponent has
>Kochte Missiles--I understand a fleet with those has been stationed in
>area?	: )

HEY! Now I *know* you weren't at the little demo I did last year at
how do you know about my bloody missiles?!?

(for those of you who didn't see, don't already know, or missed the
I did, I ran a little NSL/FSE game. Since so few people were available
play, I played the FSE (note: I am and will be the first to admit I am
an SM* wizard; I'm partial to beams and my fave weapon, p-torps :). My
opponent had never played NSL before (in fact really hadn't played much
the FB ships except NAC-types and ESU-types). I ran the following

Now, I think that's a more than reasonable amount of SMs I should have
out/spread around on the NSL ships. My opponent (remember his experience
NSL, and by extension, FSE) decided to barrel onto the field at speed 4
were playing Cinematic for you Vector fiends :). I ramped up to a higher
(I don't remember exactly), but left my CVA in the rear for protection.
At his
rather high velocity, I was able to put my fighters and SMs pretty much
'on target' almost every time (once a medium-sized ship got 'in the way'
ate a lot, but overall his cap ships were hit with SMs). His rather
escort ships (2 CLs) were sufficient to whittle down my SMs noticeably,
then the number that hit after that were...few. Damage points after that
were...few. In the end all I had left was my CVA and a few fighters,
whereas he
had only lost a few ships (don't remember exactly what, but I think it
was a
couple of DD/FFs, a medium ship) and had a severaly mauled BDN (from
accumulated SM *and* fighter fire). All other NSL ships were either
pristine or
lightly damaged.

Ah well. Just a data point for the discussion.

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Indy: "No you're not; you're still talking"

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