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Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 13:15:12 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: SFSFW- U.S.

>I think they have a web site, but I don't remember what it is.  Can you
>it out so we can see what they do?


I included below a post Sean Schoonmaker sent out a couple months ago
SFSFW (this is for Nils and any others who may have missed it; yeah,
it's in the archives, I know, but that means more searching, and heck, I
just happened to have saved the msg myself in one of my few easy-to-find
folders :). Their website is:

   o/		      ..     .
  /@		       .  .	      If you insist on reaching for a
  <|\			  .  )	      star, be prepared to take a long,
   |		     /\ 	      hard fall.
   |		    //
   /		 o //*		      Indy - climber, astronomer,
  /		<%- /|\ 	      supreme. Have rope, will travel.
 /		/\ / | \

From:	IN%"gzg-l@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU" 15-JUN-1999 22:38:33.00
To:	IN%"gzg-l@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU"
Subj:	RE: Brigade Models in US?

>Does anyone know of a source for Brigade Models in North America?
>I'm really in lust with their Golan fighter carrier, a
>little hacking, replace the fighters with FSE Scouts, and
>I have a PT boat carrier (used to love PF's in SFB before
>I gave up on it).

Brigade will ship overseas. I have ordered from them once or twice.
However, you do need a SFSFW(US) membership...

How to get one??

Please find details below on the SFSFW which is currently entering its
sixth year. This year we have finally come up with a system to allow US
gamers to pay in US funds...


The Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers is an independent
international organisation with members on all continents of the world.
Now thanks to the efforts of one of our US members we are now able to
offer gamers in North America the chance to join the Society without
having to go through the hassle of obtaining international money orders
in pounds sterling, now we can handle ordinary checks in US dollars.

Jed Docherty will now collect North American subscriptions and transfer
them to the SFSFW en masse, cutting down on currency conversion costs
and reducing the cost of subscription in North America to the same price
as Europe.

If you wish to join the Society please print off the subscription form
below and post it to Jed at the address shown along with your check.
Your membership will then be processed in England as normal and your
Society membership details etc sent to you by the Membership Secretary.

If you have any questions concerning membership you can either email Jed

or the membership secretary on:

If you mail either, please put "SFSFW" in your header...

To give you some idea of the contents of Ragnarok, issue 29 (the last of
the last subscription period) 76pp contained the following articles:

The Cauldron - Hobby News Column
Patlabor: South Sea Asia 1999 - Mecha Carnage scenario based on the
anime film.
Storm Clouds Gather - a Fantasy Warriors scenario
Smoking Talons - a Shooting Stars battle report
The Loste Worlde - Dinosaur rules for Flintloque
In Dockyard Hands - rules for starship repairs in Full Thrust
A Rumble in the Jungle - a 19th Century Tarzan scenario for Tusk
An Arresting Development - a Judge Dredd scenario for Hellfire
Mule Train - a Hordes of the Things Game
Fantasy & Sci-Fi wargammers Scribbles - gamers column
5th Annual SFSFW Awards - awards details
Patrick Tilley's Amtrak Wars - gaming possibilities from the books
The Melting Pot - ten pages of miniatures reviews from Games Workshop to
GZG to	Lancashire Games
The Rules of War - detailed rules reviews of Great Rail Wars, Ranke &
Vyle, Combat Zone and Full Thrust Fleet Book: Volume One
Crossfire - readers letters

Issue 30 is currently being complied and will (on the SF side of things)
contain an article on introducing Hammer's Slammers into SG2 and other
games by JMT, a 1960's UFO v USAF scenario and an article on non-lethal
weaponry in FT as well as the usual reviews, news and other columns.


Subscriptions for the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers
run for a four issue period. Membership of the Society entitles members
to the following benefits:

- The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming

- This Subscription Periods supply of the SFSFW Bulletin

from a wide range of companies including Ground Zero Games, Pendraken,
Irregular Miniatures, Peter Pig, POP Enterprises, Adler Miniatures,
Wessex Games and a host of others

SFSFW Exclusive Models
- access to a range of high quality and low priced exclusive SemFed FT
Society models

Free entry to BIFROST
- the SFSFW Open Day

United States, Canada & USFO - $25.00



Email (if applicable):

I enclose a check (made payable to J Docherty) in payment of my

Please return to SFSFW, c/o Jed Docherty, 226 Sherman Canal, Venice, CA
90291, USA

The Society is a non-profit making organisation and is run voluntarily.
Please note that all the above information will be stored on a computer
for the purpose of maintaining society records. Please indicate if you
do not wish your address to be passed on to other Society members. The
Committee of the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction wargamers
reserve the right to refuse membership to any applicant. Membership of
the Society is revocable by the Committee without cause.

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