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Re: Vector Movement

From: Roger Books <books@m...>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 13:02:02 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Vector Movement

> >If you play vector, you play vector. If you play cinematic, you play
> >cinematic. Basically it means you have to be aware of the
> >risks/character of the system you use. For example, we have found it
> >very hard for the FSE to make a dent in the NSL in Vector, because
> >their high thrust is less of an advantage (it still helps, but it is
> >less of an advantage given the burst radius change for SMs). The
> >solution I think that will be tried (and probably to good effect)
> >be a 4" burst radius for SMs in vector. That should nicely even
> >out for the FSE. We sort of proved <with some math> that the coverage
> >envelope for SMs needs upped a bit in vector or the only thing you'll
> >ever hit is a thrust 2 ship or luckily a thrust 4.

Only if you are dealing with 1 SM.  4 covers a 6 inch circle fairly
well with significant overlap.	You get better coverage if you have 
some clue what your opponent is doing.	(He is advancing, it is 
unlikely he is going to retreate, suddenly 2 gets coverage.)

What, you want to hit with all your SM's?  They are far too cheap and
take up too little mass if you can hit a decent opponent 50% of the

Personally, I like 6 inches in vector, it means I won't miss anything
with thrust 6 or lower.

Often you don't need different rules, you need to look at your
tactics and make sure your ships and tactics work well together.

Here, try this on, in cinematic I am going against someone that
will start within 24" and have speed 5.  I have two SMs and he
will have thrusts 8.  With this setup I can bracket every possible
point he can be IF he turns by even 1 point.  I cover everything
other than a decel by 5 and no turn with an accel of 6 7 8.

I'm betting he turns.  If I can catch him against a planet I can
have a sure thing.

My mission, destroy one of opponents ships and escape.	I have 300
and he likes small fast ships.


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