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[FMA&SGII] Incident at North Haven Part 1(AAR)

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 19:43:39 -0400
Subject: [FMA&SGII] Incident at North Haven Part 1(AAR)

Well i just returned form a four day weekend at Cape Cos. Nice time.
Brought up
SG2 and FMA. GM'd and or  played three games as part of one campaign.
were two cousins, one 28, one only 10, both with Warhammer experience.

The campaign took place a a fictional mining town called North Haven on
outpost colony. Situation given to the Human player on the first
encounter was
more or less:
"You are a Section Leader in the local governments county police force.
night a large explosion was reported at the crossroad town of North
Haven and
today there is no communications with the town. Take four guys and head
on out
to see what's up."

So our brave little flatfoots comprised 4 regulars (3x 2s and a 1) and
GREEN (lvl3) leader. Two carried assault rifles, 3 had SMGs. The board
was only
about 4x4'. North were some woods and low hills and rocks. The center
had some
undulations and a partially destroyed two story in. South was a
destroyed building with a lot of wreckage which looked like parts of a
ship. Scattered about were flipped over counters that the cops would
have to
inspect one by one (using a spotting observation action & roll against

Seeing the smoke they parked their (notional) patrol vehicle at the far
end and cautiously approached through the trees. Once near the building
spotted a large unidentifiable green  (maybe 3 meter tall) creature
lugging a
partially cacooned human body! (I used the anistazy alien line). The cop
spotted him opened up and the alien returned fire (they were using
something in
the railgun assault rifle line) which suppressed him. The green leader
went to
ground (still out of LOS of the action) and spent most of the rest of
the game
yelling orders over the radio and calling for back up. They cops had
trouble getting their act together and kept on sending people one at a
towards the building while the others hid under cover (probably
realistic for
some scared cops) AT one point the cops worked up enough nerve to
approach the
building from two sides (The  alien had hidden back inside) and try to
with grenades. One  guy got his grenade in but it merely stunned the
(tough bastard). The second guy tried to toss one through a door, but
the idiot
hit the door frame and it landed at his own feet killing him.

Now I'm obviously missing something but I searched everywhere for
effects and couldn't find them. (throwing and hitting targets there is a
on) I used a d12 which I think is probably a little low (maybe should be
but this could also be dependent on grenade make (ala cheezy chicomns!)

ANyway our grenade procedure was:
1. Firer uses an action to prep grenade.
2. If there is a door or window to throw through, firer makes a quality
roll to
see if it goes through.
3. Firer sees if grenade hits point of impact (Quality vs range die)
the firer arms and throws the grenade in the same turn (we added one
band). Firer must beat the range roll to land on tgt.
4. If there is a deviation our eventual procedure was roll a D6 for
distance a D12 for direction.
5. Grenade radius was 3". D12 for impact.

ANyway it worked well for us particularly in the last scenario which was
room to room combat.

SP lets, see where was we? Oh yeah. A guy has just blown himself up.
that spooks the alien and he tears out of the building and hauls ass
this civilian. The surviving cop goes to the edge of the building and
firing at him. ANother alien pops up from the other destroyed building
returns fire. The cop is so pissed at having lost a buddy that he
ignores this
fire and tries to kill the running alien. That fails and instead he gets
himself killed. What a mess. The alien runs off the board despite the
fact that
there was a cop nearly in LOS. Eventually the other three guys move, but
it's 3 SMGs and they have to used aimed fire at their distance to even
get a
d6. of course the second alien eventually kills one and wounds the other

Thus ends the first scenario. Eventually back-up arrives, another 6
cops. Two
take the wounded and dead back while 4 remain with the dick head shift
Low and behold they inspect the wreckage and find that it's a downed
space ship
that landed right on this building.  It's totally destroyed except for
something that appears to be a black box and more importantly one dead
Apparently the aliens, even though winning the fight were spooked enough
hall ass. And subsequently, the cops see a second ship (some sort of
flying disk) take off and fly away.

THe lead er calls all this in to the authorities, who have also noticed
UFOs in the area. The section Leader is ordered to hold that area and
alien at all costs while they contact the local army base to dispatch
out a
force out to porperly secure the area for an investigation. After all at
point there has been no (official at least) evidence of intelligent life
anywhere in known space.

SO our intrepid group occupies the wreckage of the building, with the
body. As the sun goes down, someone lights a fire as they nervously
await help.

End of game one Next installment, the stargrunt battle will follow in an
or two.

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