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[OT] Website formatting Q.

From: Brian Burger <yh728@v...>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 23:17:39 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [OT] Website formatting Q.

Just a quick question...

On my webpage, I've realized how hugely long the lists of links I
have been getting - the main Links page
<> is more than a dozen screens. I
do the following:

A - leave it, and let viewers (you lot, mostly) scroll down, and down,
still further down... (there are internal navigation links, though)

B - put most of it into double columns - two side-by-side columns of
& links. This tends to clutter the screen, I think...(part of the list
like this now...)

C - split it off onto several seperate pages by subject, and make people
wait while each one loads... (one large page loads faster, usually, than
several smaller pages...)...just to find that the link they _really_
is on another page...

So, I'm kind of stuck on what exactly to do...given that hacking the
list down to a shorter version isn't going to happen!!

Opinions, please - A, B, C or some D I haven't considered?

Off-list is probably best, and thanks for your time,

Brian (			      
		   - -
-SciFi & Fantasy Wargaming House Rules, Photos, GWAutobasher, & more-

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