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Re: Re:counter sheet back-up

From: Michael Llaneza <maserati@f...>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 07:11:44 -0700
Subject: Re: Re:counter sheet back-up

>At 12:35 PM +0100 8/6/99, Niall Gilsenan wrote:
>I've been doing that with all my old Renegade Legion stuff.  Of course
>fun starts soon when I create a VMAP set for Prefect and Legatus (one
of the
>new player created systems for RL).
>How many bonus points do I get?

Lots !

And for all the copyright worriers out there, this is (just has to 
be) fair use. You own your copy of the game after all, scanning the 
materials just ensures you'll be able to use your game when the paper 
has fallen to dust. Heck, you can make an archival copy of software, 
and you DON'T own THAT.
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