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Re: [OT] The Ythri

From: "John C" <john1x@h...>
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 19:07:05 GMT
Subject: Re: [OT] The Ythri

>[snippage -- neat pic, BTW!]
> >>	The Ythri is based on Poul Anderson's novel THE PEOPLE OF
> >>	THE WIND.  It depicts the Terran Empire's planetary assault
> >>	on the Ythri homeworld (Avalon).
> >
> >i've been meaning to give Poul Anderson a go; i'll see if i can find 
>Actually, you might try and find "The Earth Book of Stormgate" instead,
>in addition to; I liked it more, it's more an overview of humanity from
>perspective of the Ythri, rather than a short novel.  If I'm
>the books right, this is after flipping through 'em real quick... it's
>a couple years since I read them.  Overall, I like Mike Resnick's
>"Birthright: The Book of Man" better as far as a galactic history goes,
>though I could do with a re-read of Anderson's books.... ^_^

I love Mike Resnick's work.  If and when I ever get a science fiction
going, it will be based on his "Inner Frontier" books -- _Widowmaker_, 
_Santiago_, _Oracle_, etc.  Great stuff.   _Kirinkyaga_, which may or
not be related to his other books, is the best Science Fiction I have
read, bar none.  And one of the best books, period.

And of course, if you REALLY want an epic scope, find yourself a copy of

Olaf Stapledon's _Last and First Men_.

John Crimmins
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