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Re: Full Metal AAR and more FMA thoughts

From: colin.plummer@t...
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 16:49:13 +0100
Subject: Re: Full Metal AAR and more FMA thoughts

The thoughts I had didn't need to be quite as complex as the 4 move
types Los mentioned.
I would propose that a figure may use an action to make a run over an
open area.  This figure would move at maximum movement for that action.
Once this high-speed dash is complete, the figure
must make a check to see if they are out-of-breath (with a difficulty
mod for
a longer dash) and if they fail they are then suppressed.
Optionally there may be a modifier for firing at a running figure
(either way
depending on whether the figure can be seen for the entire run, and
could be
'lead', or just a fraction of a second, dashing past an open doorway) or
a failed check could lead to the loss of actions.

This then trades off maximum movement for the possibility that you must
in a bunker catching your breath (and makes better trained men more
likely to
be able to run a greater distance)

Someone work out how far an elite trooper could run (with and without
transferred actions) for the realism freaks on the list ;)  [Although
how your
sergeant can make you run twice as far by shouting at you I don't know


Colin Plummer

Quoting Los (Wed, Aug 04, 1999 at 11:11:43AM -0700)
> Thomas Barclay wrote:
> > About combat moves:
> > 1) I do recomend at least trying the 2dX method as opposed to the
> > x 2 method. Try it, see what you think. (For combat moves).
> > 2) Are combat moves for an individual deterministic? I think not.
> > they should probably be moreso than that for an entire squad,
> > coordinating one is easier than coordinating more than one.
> >
> I read your second post after I wrote mine and saw that you mention
> certain moves (like crossing a street for instance, then instead of a
> (i.e.), then you just do a full 12" move. IMO that was a simple but
> accurate way to reflect those types of situations.
> > An interesting rule in Charlie Company (as I see it) is that when
> > are fired upon, your move type is important. If you are moving in a
> > "combat move" fashion, you're guys hit dirt faster and take less
> > casulaties when shot at. If you are moving in march mode, you die
> Sort of reminds me of ASL Assault Move. Actually the new COMBAT! by
> has 4 move types for infantry. Double time, normal, assault move and
> crawl. On the second two you can shoot but you move much less and have
> greater protection.
> > a dog. Perhaps a good way to convince SG2 players and skirmish
> > to use the combat move with all its variability (I know people who
> > march everywhere like 1812 foot brigades... for fear of randomness)
> > by saying anyone attacked while marching (by snap fire or overwatch
> > fire) is attacked with a +1DS for the attacker FP. This makes a
> > move not only more random, with a slightly higher mean move, but it
> > makes it more defensive in nature - which it is. This would make
> > people want to use combat manoevres with all the risks.
> >
> Maybe the very term combat move is a misnomer? The reason one would
use a
> combat move is to hopefully eek out a bit more distance on a move.
> you have a few diffferent kinds of moves? (off the top of my head)
> 1. Normal: full normal move (Assume teh figure has a 6" range). No
> benefits when you are opfired on
> 2. Combat move (in this case) 1d6. Variable but with added protective
> benefits. You're moving from cover to cover.	Perhaps firing against
> guy he gets the In position bonus (ala SG2)
> 3. Double time. 2d6 haul ass. No fire action.  (or fire action with a
> penalty)
> 4. Wind Sprint: 3xtime full move but winded for the next 2 rounds? (no
> fire, or 1/2 capabilities or some such)
> Just thinking out loud. May add to complexity.
> Also to simulate squad type stuff or advantage of leaders, you could
> something like if there is a leader within x" of the figures, they can
> move to gather OR combine their firing into a sort of ASL-like
> I have heard some good things about "Charlie". Might have to pick it
> Los

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