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Re: Awards and ANthems(and now some background) [OT] [HIST]

From: "John M. Atkinson" <john.m.atkinson@e...>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 23:47:25 -0700
Subject: Re: Awards and ANthems(and now some background) [OT] [HIST]

Los wrote:

> I guess I believe that when you meld a number of major countries
> that they are not going to adapt one country's national anthem for
> own. Why would Italy or Spain want to start signing "Le Marsialles"?

Verdi's Hymn of the Nations would make a good starting point, it's got
Le Marsialles and some Italian stuff (and God Save the Queen, but that
can be edited out).  The revisions would, of course, be done by a French

> get me wrong I love that song). Why the hell would Americans or
> want "God Save the Queen"? (Unless it's the Sex Pistols version).  I'd
> imagiune that tey woudl adpot some new theme. Same for awards.

Yeah, but the US got annexed by the Brits.  We likely weren't in much of
a condition to argue about finicky details.  Hell, half the Brits want
to get rid of their monarchy, why would we want it?  And yet it's still
there (Please tell me there was some horriffic accident that put the
throne in the hands of a different branch of the family, this one has
about had it).

(Subject Change)
How does the official history do Greece?  In my history it reluctantly
stayed with the FSE (French armored divisions in Athens had something to
do with the decision).	The religious, cultural, and other differences
tend to cause friction.  The NRE formally lays claim to Greece (and
Anatolia, Thrace, etc, but who's counting?) and is actively working to
take it back.  There is a small but vicious terror group, plus a more
moderate political party (banned, of course, but very popular) both
bankrolled by the Rhomaioi Ministry of Barbarians.  Eventually there
will be a flat-out open war between the NRE and the FSE, and the NRE
isn't above coordinating the death blows with the NSL.	The NRE has
specific territorial interests, which largely don't concern areas the
NSL is interested in.

And Re: Orthodox vs Catholic--in my background religion plays a very
prominent part, it's part and parcel of basing it on the 11th century. 
No purges or auto-da-fes, but the Pope and the FSE have a very cozy
relationship, the Romanovs have their pet Patriarch of Moscow in Exile
(Not to be confused with the Patriarch of Moscow which is the puppet of
the Communist Party in Moscow, nor with the Patriarch of Moscow
recognized by the Ecumenical Patriarch of New Rome), etc., and of course
the IF has more than a few mullahs involved in their politics.	The New
Roman Empire, of course, has an entire Orthodox hierarchy, to the extent
of being recognized by various branches of the Church on Terra (and in
other places, forming a "shadow heirarchy" where a puppet church is
supported by the government--primarily the RH, ESU, and to a certain
extent the FSE).  I realize this doesn't fit in with many people's view
of the future, but any self-respecting Rhomaioi force has at least
Chi-Rhos painted on the ships and screams "Dues Nobiscum" as it charges
forward.  The really nifty Rhomaioi forces have the Virgin Mary painted
on, but not at the scale I'm dealing with.  One of these days, I'm going
to sit down with an FSE Superdreadnought mini. . . 

John M. Atkinson

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