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RE: [SG] Rules for aliens (XCOM)

From: Jonathan White <Jw4@b...>
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 10:00:24 +0100
Subject: RE: [SG] Rules for aliens (XCOM)

>Apologies I understand - that gleam in your eye...

>Never played it enough to find these bugs. Didn't they patch it?
(rolls eyes) /several/ times. And it still wasn't 100% bug free.

>Have you played terror from the deep and apocalypse?
Played Terror From The Deep. Basically it was done by a third party, the
original coders of XCOM/Ufo having moved onto other things. And it was
pants. All they did was change the graphics and muck about with a few
things, generally always to the detriment of game balance. For an
In UFO you started with a weapon that had a 24 (was it?) round clip,
accuracy and could auto fire and it was still hard at the beginning. The
starting weapon in TFTD had a 12 shot clip, no accuracy and couldn't
autofire. Oh dear.
My PC wasn't (still isn't) up to Apocalypse. Plus RT strategy games
my thing. I want a strategy game that taxes my mind, not my mouse

>(sorry going OT here). If you were doing an SG2 TBS (Turn Based
>it would be a good starting point. RTS (Real Timne Strategy) has
>taken over from the old TBS games.
I know. It's sad. But I still do 4 man fireteam games in SG much better
having played UFO..

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