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Re: DS2/SG2 Camouflage - LONG REPLY

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 01:09:37 -0500
Subject: Re: DS2/SG2 Camouflage - LONG REPLY

Allan spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

 I have proof of this in my living room. I turned
> 35 last December, so my wife bought me a full size GI-Joe as a
> nostalgia trip. The one I got was the US Marine sniper in a ghillie
> suit. He sat on top of the TV cabinet for a full 4 hours, partly
> obscured by a plant, before anyone "saw" him (and it was his bare,
> pinkish hand that gave him away).

Heh. Should have done his hands or worn gloves. I remember one 
episode where a friend was hiding and wearing dark green UVEX 
goggles... and the contrast between their dark green and his sparsely 
applied face cam gave him away quite easily... Of course, other 
times, I've lain in the middle of a sunny field about 10 feet from 
people on the move and alert and not been seen (face into the dirt, 
not moving, mind you - got caught in mid crawl between covered 

> I wore the boonie hat, US woodland camo jacket, t-shirt, and pants.
> Nothing on the hands or face, and old high-top running shoes (I needed
> the comfort and light weight more than anything). I saw guys in
> t-shirts that were never seen or hit. I saw guys in full camo that
> insisted on running everywhere and stuck out like sore thumbs.

It's only an aide. Movement, woodscraft (not everyone knows how to 
leopard crawl in leaves), and good sense still play a big role. And 
as for the 'never get hit' - erratic manoevres work against low V 
paintballs far better than against firearms, lasers, etc. I've done 
the Waterloo style two line battle at a range where you could 
actually dodge oncoming balls...
> Have you seen the blue shaded urban camo? I heard that it's for night
> time. I would have thought that all black would be best, but
> apparently this is better in many cases because you don't see a black
> blob floating around...

Ah, that might be what the blue is for. Good idea. 

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