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Re: Now Dream Pod 9?!?

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Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 17:49:48 EST
Subject: Re: Now Dream Pod 9?!?

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<< Basically, it boils down to, going to GenCon in DP9's early years was
 productive since they did attract a customer base; but now that they
 have a solid base, they're really just seeing the same people year
 year... sure, there's some new people, but overall it's not worth the
 increased cost to just go to a big party.
This doesn't make sense to me.	Dream Pod 9 had a VERY good team doing
of the Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles games, and had full tables at
event I saw.  The event my friend Seth Connolly participated in was a
Krieg game (WWII Heavy Gear), and noone in the game had played before. 
He has
since bought the rules, a few supplements, and at least ten gears (now
and ready to play).  I was very impressed by what I saw, and if it had
fit in
with my schedule better, I would've played a game.  I was definitely
on trying the game out this year, but in addition to not coming, they
are not
sponsoring any games.  This reduces their games' presence to a few

The exposure gat the biggest gaming convention is worth the money,
if you can sell products.  Don't most companies (Geohex included) at
least pay
their costs with direct sales?	Maybe the fact that RAFM was selling all
miniatures at Gencon last year makes a difference.  If the difference in
cost was 'only' $200 bucks or so, they could cram the employees into the
a little tighter (sleeping bags, anyone?), or drive instead of flying.

Also, a collectors item Gencon only gear miniature is a great way to
make some
dough to pay for the booth.  Since I know I'll be into this game
someday, even
I would buy it.

Steve Gibson

P.S.  Does a wave gun or nova cannon template kill every fighter
squadron it

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