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Re: Hammer's Slammers

From: Mikko Kurki-Suonio <maxxon@s...>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 08:09:23 +0200 (EET)
Subject: Re: Hammer's Slammers

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, John Crimmins wrote:

>	I've recently been reading David Drake's Hammer's Slammers,
after putting
> the task off for far too long (I read his "Northworld" series long
ago, and
> absolutely hated it--this managed to put me off Drake for quite a

You mean there are more than two Northworld books?

> stories pretty well.	What I need to find are a good match for the
> Slammer's Combat Cars.  They are "seven meters long and three wide at
> base, the armored sides curving up like a turtle's back to the open
> fighting compartment in the rear." (Hammer's Slammers, page 85).  Any
> ideas?  

German half-tracks are probably the best starting point... IF you're 
willing to ignore the fact that voluntarily taking an opentop vehicle in

DSII is simply braindead (i.e. play scenarios only if you want an even 

> The infantry doesn't much concern me--not at this scale.  And
> mid-tech troops ought to do.

It should. Slammers TO&E is roughly 50% infantry, IIRC. Even more funny,

Slammers is supposed to be the ultimate tank thing -- but look at how 
many main characters in the stories are ground pounders instead of 
tankers. I guess 170 tonnes of invulnerability around you doesn't make 
for a good story...

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