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Heroes and Characters in StarGrunt/Dirtside

From: "Phillip E. Pournelle" <pepourne@n...>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 16:27:37 -0800
Subject: Heroes and Characters in StarGrunt/Dirtside

	I'm currently unsatisfied with the StarGrunt rules regarding
and I've been wanting to improve on them.  So I went back and reread
Chipman's OutWorlders site and Put these idead together.
	As Donald says Characters are those strange people that the gods
smiled upon and to which most grunts will find difficult to kill.  They
also accomplish extra-ordinary tasks that the regular grunt would not
of  trying.
	Here's a summary of Chipman's work, I reccomend that you check
it out
	Five primary stats rated 0 to 5 with 2 being average: STR, DEX,
LUCK.  Three secondary stats WIL = (END + INT)/2, MOVE = ((2 * DEX) +
STR)/3, Health = ((STR + END)/2) + (WIL/6).    All starts are rounded.5
less down.
	Then you buy skills 1 =  novice, 2= avergage, etc up to 5. 
These skills
include for my examples Leadership, Small Arms, Infiltration.  You can
his list yourself and probably come up with a few additonal skills.  To
determine the die thrown to accomplish the event, double the value and
2 and that is the die.	So a Novice skill (2) throws a D4.  An Elite (5)
throws a D12.
	Here's a modifier for the Leadership skills that Donald wrote:
Find the Leadership skill of the character and the size of the force he
wishes to lead.  That is the leadership modifier in DS/SG.  A sniper on
own counts as a squad to lead himself.
Leadership	Size of Force
Skill		Squad/Fire Team Platoon Company Battalion
0		3			-		-	       
1		2			3		-	       
2		1			2		3	       
3		1			1		2	       
4		1			1		1	       
5		1			1		1	       

	In a StarGrunt scenario a character's Confidence die is based on
Willpower (WIL).
	In a StarGrunt Scenario, a Character's Movement die is equal to
his MOVE. 
	When a character is trying to accomplish an event, such as shoot
replace the quality die with the appropriate skill.  For the Sniper,
taking a shot, he would throw the size dies approperiate for his small
skill for the shot and a die appropriate to his infiltration skill for
hit/reveal process.
	When a character takes a hit, its really hard to kill him.  Roll
impact value of the weapon versus his armor and health.  If the armor
greater that or equal to the armour, no effect.  If the weapon beats the
armor roll but is less than Health the character is stunned for the next
round.	If it is greater than the characters Health roll, then the
character is wounded and has all stats halved.	If the weapon impact is
greater that twice the health roll, the character is incapacitated.  You
can do the medical rolls after the secenario to see if the character
survives, assuming that the side who finds him wants to revive him...
	Okay Time to buy our character.  Total up the points for Primary
Stats and
Skills. Here is our typical sniper.
	Stats are all 2 		10
	Leadership 1				+1
	Small Arms D6				+2
	infiltration D6 		+2
	Condfidence D6			Stats
	Total					15

Sniper Weapons	Firepower	Impact		Base Cost
Hunting Rifle		D6		D10		1.5
Conventional rifle	D10		D10		2
Gauss Rifle		D10		D12		5
Laser			D12		D8		5
HAMR			D8		D12 * 2 6

	Any equipment that he buys using my StarGrunt list cost 3 times
normal value for a character.

	Lets equip our sniper.
	Armour D6		1
	Rifle			2
	Enhanced Sensor 3
	Total			6

	6 * 3 = 18		Character = 15 Equipment = 18 Total =

	This low key sniper is pretty expensive, but worth the cost.

	Other heroes would be the Platoon leader etc.  In fact, I think
that you
should be required to have that hero as a Platoon commander or above if
want that Cascade communication leadship ability.  This way, you trade
the cost for snipers, heroes and specialists.  Specialty soldiers like
medic squads, engineers, etc. can be obtained as usual but their Quality
die is used for their primary expertise only and they shift down one die
for combat, etc.

	I reccomend that both sides be allowed to expend up to 10% of
their total
points on characters.  This can obviously be shifted around for certain
scenarios or national characteristics.
	I would apreciate any feedback.

Gort, Klaatu barada nikto!

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