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Re[4]: DSII damage chit chart.

From: Mike.Elliott@b...
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 14:07:48 +0000
Subject: Re[4]: DSII damage chit chart.

Sorry, but you are missing the point. When we designed the game, it was
_always_ intended that you pull so many chits from the pot at once.
Therefore it is incorrect to say that the damage markers are skewed.

If by drawing all the chits at once it means that heavy weapons have a
non-linear advantage (based on the probabilities) then that is how it
meant to be. I won't argue the math here.

After all, nobody really knows how effective any of these weapons are,
cos they don't exist.

After all, its only a game.....

Mike Elliott, GZG

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: DSII damage chit chart.
Author: at INTERNET
Date:	 18/02/1998 21:13

At 02:22 PM 2/18/1998 +0000, Mike Elliot wrote:

>Mmm, yes of course the probabilities would only be the same if you were
>draw ONE chit at a time _and put it back in the pot_ before drawing the
>Which only goes to show that replacing the chits with dice is not such
>good idea.

*Actually thats a poor idea.  This means that heavy weapons such as a
5 has a non-linear advantage over its smaller cousin and is no longer
balanced in the points system.	This is because as I draw out chits from
the pot, there are fewer chits to draw from that might have the all
powerful BOOM chit on it.  Of course some would argue that the targeting
system down can therefore come up just as often, but it is a minority
the special chits and is repairable, the BOOM is not.  Therefore, it is
better to roll on the chart than to draw chits.
*Either way the chits skew the damage markers.

Gort, Klaatu barada nikto!

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