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RE: Re[2]: DSII damage chit chart.

From: "George,Eugene M" <Eugene.M.George@k...>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 10:41:57 -0800
Subject: RE: Re[2]: DSII damage chit chart.

<Sigh> Ok so I'm not wrapped up yet.....

Tongue in cheek from here out.

OK... OK... I'll use the freakin' chits, just get off'n my BACK ! 
I didn't expect some kind of Spanish Inquisition. Please mark me down
for as many chit tables as there are in the warehouse. They're WONDERFUL
MMM-HMMM LUV them CHITS. Boy-Howdy !

More seriously. The table I created to replace the counters ain't that
one die roll with 2d%. The only thing it loses is the consecutive chit
drawing odds,
which to my taste, isn't much of a big deal. So, while I like and
appreciate the counters,
the initial draw to replace them lies largely in an effort to circumvent
the need to purchase
new ones. I want to play a game of D2, but my chits are packed. Well,
I'll just call up Geo-Hex
and voila, in three to six weeks with a major credit card CHITS ! So the
chart (my version at least)
obviates the need for chits in a fashion that I feel is acceptable AND

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> So, if the original reason for looking at using dice instead of chits
> was
> in case you accidentally lose some of the chits (and how are you going
> to
> know - count 'em all?), then the SIMPLE answer is to buy a set of
> spare
> counters from GZG (available at moderate cost). You can forget about
> dice
> and complicated tables then.
> Mike Elliott, GZG
> P.S. Spare counter sheets are available for both DSII and SGII.
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> Subject: RE: DSII damage chit chart.
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> Date:    18/02/1998 0:02
> To wrap it up for my part. I'm just fine with a single D% roll
> supplanting
> the chits. Even with replacements available, ersatz counters, &c. I
> just
> don't care to re-roll duplicates when you can just do a straight die
> roll
> and have pretty much the same deal. I understand the counter system,
> appreciate it and enjoy it, I just wanted to make certain I had a
> backup.
> Gene
> <Snips to all and sundry>

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