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Re: DSII Question- Obstacles

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 23:19:08 -0500
Subject: Re: DSII Question- Obstacles

Jerry spake thusly upon matters weighty: 
> You forgot to mention preplanned fire support for battalion, division,
> corps assets, or from other services i.e. Air Force or Orbitial
> if you've got the accuracy.  (8-)

Of course! Heck, if you don't need the real estate, crack the core 
and be done with it....
> Seriously though, I've found that such setups make really bad game
> unless you're replaying World War I, Western Front.  Otherwise, you
> need extremely compelling reasons to attack a defence like that head
> whatever the odds are.

Good simulation, not so good for 'gaming'. Base assaults can be fun 
as long as the attacker has a goodly force and expects casualties 
> > spikes that could punch through PA (bengal tiger trap made modern)?
> > What about a buried device that goes off and kills the electronics
> > PA or in vehicles? (they have these now for use by police to kill
> > engines and end  high speed chases).
> One thing that has always confused me about 'monofilament' and
> type devices; the entire thing has to be monofilament before it'll cut
> right?  Otherwise the thing has a really nice edge, but it won't punch
> anything i.e. monomolecular tipped spikes don't mean anything unless
> whole thing was monomolecular; which kind of limits the damage you
> produce
> unless you manage to vent the fusion reactor.

One: You probably have a lot of electronics, motors, and yes a power 
plant too that can be damaged (and life support and comms and 
Two: Ever cut through a coconut or spiked one? You use the tip of the 
spike to get you started and through the hard part.... Now, I'll 
admit you need a fairly strong, narrow spike with a good compression 
strength, but this would be a commonplace type of item (I'd think) in 
high tech construction tools. Or it could be made easily with a 
monofilament extruder. Remember too that most PA probably has surface 
hardening. Once you've bypassed the face hardening, the armour is 
probably easier to penetrate. So the monomolecular tip gets you that 
start and then you punch the rest of the way through with the wider 
body. For extra nastiness add CB agents.....or poison...or nanites. 
How about an arty round that drops a cloud of small nanites hostile 
to PA? Ouch! goodbye PA....

(aka How to Make Mice out of Space Marines)
> Renegade Legion: Centurion covered a lot of this stuff.  However the
point was

> > Opinions?
> Many.  Justifiable?  A little less than many.  (8-)

Good thoughts. Looking forward to seeing you at the Con in Lancaster 
(If I'm right you'll be there?)


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