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DSII Question- Obstacles

From: "Paul O'Grady" <paulog@o...>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 12:29:04 +1100
Subject: DSII Question- Obstacles

Has anyone come up with a genric rule regarding the use of barbed/razor
wire as obstacles for DS2 ?  What about WW2 "Dragon Teeth" type tank
obstacles ?

My inclination for DS2 scale games would be that they automatically stop
movement when advancing into contact with the obstacle (and they are NOT
allowed to then fire), but that the infantry units attempting to cross
continue moving in their next turn.  This would simulate the use of
bangalore torpedo type weapons and the effect of checking movement and
making them a nice target for the defenders for a turn.  Dragon Teeth
be impassable but may be blown by sappers simialr to building

Any comments/suggestions ?

> From: Brian Bell <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: DSII Question
> Date: Tuesday, 17 February 1998 13:20
> > Firstly, on the weekend Paul O'Grady and I were playing a game in
> > a unt of APCs suffered a dismal bout of Confidence Checks and became
> > routed. Whilst running away back to the base line Paul used his
> > commander to try to Rally the unit. Here's teh interesting part.
> > According to the rules the Rally action on part of the commander
> > the unit being rallied. In this case the attempt failed but the unit
> > didn't continue routing but stayed in place?!  Should we have the
> > continue routing until the attempt is successful in which case it
> > up the units action; but if the unbit is still in the open and it
> > rallies to Broken it should still be moving to cover??  Are we doing
> > this right?
> >
> I would suggest the following:
>   1) Leader must make a Confidence Check. If he succeeds, he may try
> rally his unit.   If not, he is too worried about his own skin
> (afterall, he is routed also).
>   2) If the rally attempt succeeds, the unit stops.
>   3) If the rally attempt fails, the unit continues to withdraw
> --
> Brian Bell
> The Full Thrust Ship Registry
> Cygnus Eclipsers' Science Fiction Games Page

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