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RE: DSII Question

From: "ROBERTSON,Brendan" <Brendan.ROBERTSON@E...>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 09:09:53 +1100
Subject: RE: DSII Question

The first question about rallying: potentially, you could say the unit
has slowed down or stopped to listen to what their commanding officer
has to say, so this stops them moving a significant distance (remember a
grav or fast GEV could be halfway to the horizon in one turn).

Not sure about the double DAM chits, as I couldn't find the right page
(too tired).

'Neath Southern Skies
PS: I have just updated my OU page, adding a full description of the
DINGO heavy powerarmour & FUNNELWEB R17/spx DFFG.

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>From:	Glover, Owen []
>Subject:	DSII Question
>Two questions actually.
>Firstly, on the weekend Paul O'Grady and I were playing a game in which
>a unt of APCs suffered a dismal bout of Confidence Checks and became
>routed. Whilst running away back to the base line Paul used his
>commander to try to Rally the unit. Here's the interesting part.
>According to the rules the Rally action on part of the commander uses
>the unit being rallied. In this case the attempt failed but the unit
>didn't continue routing but stayed in place?!	Should we have the unit
>continue routing until the attempt is successful in which case it uses
>up the units action; but if the unit is still in the open and it
>rallies to Broken it should still be moving to cover??  Are we doing
>this right?
>Secondly, how do you deal with a vehicle that receives two Damage
>either in the same fire combat, same game turn or separate game turns? 
>Yours perplexed 
>Owen G

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