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Re: DSII damage chit chart.

From: Mike.Elliott@b...
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 13:38:30 +0000
Subject: Re: DSII damage chit chart.

Hmm, yes okay, but the whole point of the chit drawing system is that it
a LOT FASTER to draw say 4 chits than roll 2 dice 4 times and look up
result on a table.

Same probabilities, just a hell of a lot faster with chits.

Mike Elliott, GZG

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Subject: DSII damage chit chart.
Author:  Tony Christney <> at BULL
Date:	 15/02/1998 19:13

>OK.  I'll admit up front that I'm an idiot.  I've got two copies of
Dirtside >II and can't find all of the chits for either of them.  Has
anyone got a >list of what chits there should be or a chart for rolling
damage.  Thanks in >advance.
Here is a chart I made up a while back. It uses two dice per chit draw,
is a D12 (1-12) and the other a D10 (0-9). The D12 counts as the "tens":
10-12	      Green  0
13-22	      Green  1
23-29	      Green  2
30-34	      Green  3
35-37	      Yellow 0
38-47	      Yellow 1
48-54	      Yellow 2
55-59	      Yellow 3
60-64	      Red    0
65-84	      Red    1
85-99	      Red    2
100-109     Red    3
110-114     Target Systems Down
115-116     Firer  Systems Down
117-123     Immobilized
124-128     BOOM!
129   Reroll
You can use multiple sets of dice of different colors/styles to
simulate multiple chit draws. In this case, in order to recreate
the exact probabilites you would reroll exact duplicates of a
single combination. For example, you would reroll two "60" but
not "60", "64". The reroll for "129" is necessary since there
aree exactly 119 damage chits. I suppose it would be possible to
add another "special" chit if you want.
Mikko Kurki-Suonio also has a chart on his website that uses
percentile dice. His website is at
A full listing of the rest of the available chits is on p.5 of the DSII
  Tony Christney

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