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Re[2]: Dimension

From: Mike.Elliott@b...
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 13:28:53 +0000
Subject: Re[2]: Dimension


( Enjoyed the day yesterday.) I think this is a good idea and would be
easy way of allowing for "roll ship" tactics (ala Harrington novels) in
How about including it in FTIII?

Mike Elliott

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Subject: Re: Dimension
Author:  Ground Zero Games <> at BULL
Date:	 14/02/1998 21:34

Well, everyone who has read FT and MT knows my personal take on this -
3D is much less important in space games that in air games, as all
dimensions in space are the same as far as movement is concerned - not
in air games, of course, where altitude and vertical-plane performance
often MUCH mor eimportant that horizontal manoeuvre. As several have
already said, IMHO it isn't worth the hassle to put 3D into a space game
(FT or any other).
Having said that, I think if you ARE keen on doing 3D then the ATTITUDE
the ships is much more important that just their relative "height" above
the playing surface - this is something that Mark has touched on with
arc comments here, but something seldom addressed in those games that
purport to be 3D, especially those using counters (RL Leviathan, IIRC,
have limited attitude rules worked by turning the "box" counter around,
even though it was not actually 3D).
We could probably work some simple(ish) attitude rules (even just
ships to "roll" 180 degrees) into FT, without getting bogged down with
actual 3D play.
Jon (GZG)

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