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Re: Another fighter question

From: "Steve Pugh" <mafb90@p...>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 21:35:10 +0000
Subject: Re: Another fighter question

Christopher Pratt wrote:
> Steve Pugh wrote:
> > The one question that must be answered is: can a smaller grouop of
> > fighters force a larger group to engage in a dogfight? If they can
> > then why not use groups of one fighter for just that purpose thuse
> > keeping attacking fighters away from ships?
> because you'd have to talk the pilot into fighting aginst 6 to 1
> odds

That's the real world reason, but as FT/MT assumes six strong fighter 
groups the rules don't reflect that.

If a fighter group was designed as a one fighter unit then logically 
it would use a d1 for morale rolls.....

(BTW do people out there implement morale rolls for entering 
dogfights or just for attacking ships? The rules in MT aren't clear 
on the point. Personally, I would.)

So rule suggestion: When fighter groups of different sizes initiate 
dogfights apply the difference in group size as a modifier to the 
morale roll. So our single fighter group would be at +5 if attacking 
a six strong group. I think he'll think better of it.

Anyone want to suggest further modifiers if interceptors or 
attack/torpedo fighters are involved?


PS How does your reply to message have a date stamp on it 24 hours 
earlier than when my message was sent?
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Stephen Richard Pugh

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