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Re: Fighter Jocks.

From: agoodall@s... (Allan Goodall)
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 03:42:13 GMT
Subject: Re: Fighter Jocks.

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998 16:07:25 -0800, John Leary <>

>The number of kills I have gotten against aces in superior
>aircraft is far to long for me to bore you.

Were these human or computer? And how many times were you shot down?
What was the game?

>As far as the sonic boom vs WWI aircraft, I think it makes for
>a great short story.	The presumption that everything will 
>just fall apart as you go by in your jet or never regain control
>due to the shock wave is a bit much.

Ooooooh, no it's not! Until late in the war, no one knew how to pull
out of a spin. It was assumed that a spin was fatal. What's more, it
took very little to throw a WW1 fighter into a spin. In some, just
stalling the plane or turning too tightly would do it. The wake of a
twin engine fighter travelling supersonic should do it, too.

For the record, a friend of mine did write a story (and had it
published) on something similar: a WW1 fighter encountering a UFO. I
think the story was titled "Scout, Experimental."

>Bad news for someone, the Super Drone fighter is no better than a 
>standard fighter in a head on pass.   The only thing that matters 
>is holding down the firing button, even a human can do that.

Except that a Super Drone fighter won't chicken out. No one has
mentioned that even top fighter jocks experience fear.

Allan Goodall

"Once again, the half time score, 
 Alien Overlords: 142,000. Scotland: zip."
  - This Hour Has 22 Minutes

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