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Superdrone Was/ Crew Quality /was Re: [OFFICIAL] Some FT background...)

From: John Leary <realjtl@s...>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 18:54:49 -0800
Subject: Superdrone Was/ Crew Quality /was Re: [OFFICIAL] Some FT background...)

> What about aces and turkeys? Don't they count?
> - Sam

Not against SUPERDRONE!  The fighter no one wants to see!

How to modify the standard fighter to SUPERDRONE status:
				points	  mass	  
Take one standard fighter Sq.	  20	    6
Add Fast Fighter		 +12	    0
Add Heavy Fighter		 +12	    0
Add Interceptor 		   0	    0
Add Attack			 + 6	    0
Add Long Range			 +12	    0
Total so far.			  60	    6

Note: that Interceptor is thrown in for free and 
the fighter does not suffer the penelty for the 
interceptor status.

Now to create the SUPERDRONE.

We want thrust 36 so:
Add Fast Fighter three times:	 18	+10% to fighter mass

We now have 100% more thrust		+30% to fighter mass
and must add 100% more fuel
to maintain the range.

To sustain the above add		+20% to fighter mass
40% more mass to structure
of the fighter.

Since I am feeling kind, we  will assume the above mass increases
do not change the performance, only the size of the fighter.
We will also assume that the maintenance of the fighter only 
increases the fighter bay size to mass 9 for 6 fighters.

Present cost of the SUPERDRONE:   78 points and 9 mass per SQ.
We will assume the pilot and support equipment are replaced 
directly with the drone and support equipment even up.

We will give the SUPERDRONE needle ability on every fighter
so shields may be ignored during attacks, and give it Interceptor
again (Pay +12 this time) and Attack again (Pay +24 this time)
so that it will only miss if a one is rolled on the die six.
			      points	 mass
Add Interceptor 	       +12	  0	       
Add Attack		       +24	  0
Needle Ability		       +36	  0  Ignore shields
New total		       150	  9

So, the standard fleet carrier equiped with four SUPERDRONE
squadrons would cost a piddiling 1167 points.	Cheap at twice
the price!

The indetectable, unbreakable(crypo), unjamable real time 
come link is an additional cost and is not included in the 
basic SUPERDRONE fighter.

     I have tried to be VERY generous to the superdrone fighter,
the points stated should be considered a minimum value.  
The support mass for the bay should also be considered a minimum
value, to be adjusted by reduction of fighters or increase of
bay mass.

     I am considering trying this out on the gaming group, if I 
cease to send after March 21, you will know the group suffered an
adverse reaction to the concept!

     I would be interested in hearing any reports, if anyone 
wishes to try this.

Bye for now,
John L.

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