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RE: FTIII Rules Tryout

From: Tim Jones <Tim.Jones@S...>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 09:32:39 -0000
Subject: RE: FTIII Rules Tryout

On Monday, February 09, 1998 4:37 AM, John Leary
>> 3) The change to six sixty degree firing arcs and allowing ships
>    to fire out the rear arc does not really improve the game.
>    (It will make the conversion to a boardgame/hex move system

IIRC there was an epoll on this and the result was that we
wanted to keep the 90d arcs. In the EFSB rules there are 60d arcs.
90d arcs are my 'favourite thing'.

>    Is the added complexity worth the effort, or is FT just going
>    down the Star Fleet Battles/GW road?

'Just Say No' to added complexity. For the core rules they should be
simple, the complexity should be added for specific backgrounds as in
EFSB, as bolt-ons.

> 6) The 'A' batteries have nowhere near the distructive ability
>    that the point cost/mass values indicate.	 (A sledgehammer
>    solution to what was at most a marginal problem.)

Sounds ominous. Big gun, big hole, surely.

tim jones
Reality is for those who can't cope with Science Fiction.

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