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Re: National Characteristics?

From: "Darryl Hills" <dhills@w...>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 19:12:34 +1100
Subject: Re: National Characteristics?

The OU are about to rid themselves of ties to the outdated monarchy of
NAC.  We are in the process of a convention to determine whether
becomes a republic by the year 2000, dumps the engish queen as our head
state and elects our own President.

  So I guess we will be buying our starships from who ever gives us the
offer.	Or we will build them ourselves!

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From: John Leary <>
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Date: Monday, February 09, 1998 4:10 PM
Subject: Re: National Characteristics?

>ROBERTSON,Brendan wrote:
>> We know the OUDF produces some Stargrunt vehicles under licence from
>> FSE (from Owen's orbat) so they would probably source the basic
>> hulls from the same source (repeat business).   The few cruiser's the
>> OUDF use would likely be custom built at home, predominately as
>> ships (ADAF & missiles/SMBs would fit this role).  The largest
>> ship they possess would be a battlecruiser or escort carrier,
>> Any comments?
> Owen?
>The following is a preconceived idea with no basis in reality,
>and not much in sci-fi.
>     I take from your statemants that the 'OU' is to a large
>extent still a client state of the NAC.  Depending upon how
>far flung the 'OUs' assets are would drive the fleet construction
>program.   The potential for conflict with one of the larger (FSE,
> ESU) powers would create a large fleet if the 'OU' were completely
>independent. (and not otherwise protected by treaty agreements.)
>  The supplier of such a fleet would be: NAC, FCT, FSE and possibly
>Swedish and/Dutch.
>Just a thought.
>Bye for now,
>John L.
>(If I can get some quiet time this week I'll send part two.)

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