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RE: DS2: GRM Warfare

From: "George,Eugene M" <Eugene.M.George@k...>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 10:46:29 -0800
Subject: RE: DS2: GRM Warfare


Flag Sergeant Tannenberg pushed his kepi up far enough to scatch his
bristly scalp. 
"Da-ham Major, the contact boys said the Indig's were pretty
bass-ackwards here but this is ree-diculous." He drawled.
Major Croix shook his head and stared at the stared at the locals, most
clad only in leopardoid skins or grass skirts. 
They'd stopped throwing spears and rocks when they had taken about 30%
casualties, now they dazedly piled corpses or sat, 
waiting for the corpsman to patch 'em up. 
"Bloody savages, they actually thought we'd stand by and let them kill
that little girl"  Croix grunted. The girl was semi-comatose
 in triage over near Lifter 4, a victim of the neuro-toxin that the
indies seemed to put on anything pointy. She'd probably recover.
"Sergeant, what in the blazes were they doing anyway, some kind of war
dance ?"
"Dunno, Major suh. They jus' kept sayin this funny chant, right up to
the time we started chuggin' um."  Tannenberg shrugged, 
then spat on the jungle detritus. "Major, why in Bobby Lee's Holy
Longjohns  do yuh thank the Euries had such a hard time keepin the peace
here, these ain't the best fighters." the Sergeant waved a ham-sized
fist at some of the locals, shuffling around the village slack-jawed in
Croix took a thoughtful tug at his chin "Poisons, disease, the usual
problems of guerrilla war, I suppose. No worries for us, we're here to
observe and liberate, not conquer. Although this incident may prove.....
regrettble." The Major began moving towards the base camp. "Carry on
Sergeant, carry on."
Tannenberg snapped a salute an stared off into the middle distance for a
while, remembering the wild drums of the natives, the pounding beat, the
haunting chant


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