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RE: National Characteristics?

From: "ROBERTSON,Brendan" <Brendan.ROBERTSON@E...>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 11:02:34 +1100
Subject: RE: National Characteristics?

We know the OUDF produces some Stargrunt vehicles under licence from the
FSE (from Owen's orbat) so they would probably source the basic escort
hulls from the same source (repeat business).	The few cruiser's the
OUDF use would likely be custom built at home, predominately as support
ships (ADAF & missiles/SMBs would fit this role).  The largest military
ship they possess would be a battlecruiser or escort carrier, to use as
a flagship, possible with a single HBS for punch.
Given their penchant for reliability, & that the OU fleet is more geared
towards police actions, the weapon fits would be more like the ESU, to
reduce maintainance & ammunition costs.
I can't wait for the FT:FB to find out how SMBs will work.

Any comments?  Owen?

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>Subject:	Re: [OFFICIAL] Re: National Characteristics?
>>    Please include ships for some of the minor powers. If you are
>>the view that they are purchasing ships from the major powers, please
>>include a little blurb what power they are purchasing from (or what
>>their priority is if buying from more than one source).
>I may include some notes on minor navies if I get the chance, but a
>detailed treatment of them will probably have to wait for a future
>The main slant of the FB will be the four major powers' ships, and it
>be pretty full just with them.
>Jon (GZG)

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