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RE: Computer Full Thrust

From: alun.thomas@c...
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 16:06:43 +0000
Subject: RE: Computer Full Thrust wrote:

> This is a bit late due to the fact I've been away 2wks (having a baby)
and had
> 580 FT messages to wade through!
Congratulations Tim!

> > CFT Graphics
> > It would be nice to capture that miniatures feel in CFT, but I don't
> > think it's necessary.  A simple overhead view using a hex based map
> Don't know if we really need hex maps. The best candidate to what you
> so far
We may not /need/ hex maps, but it wouldn't be too difficult to draw hex
using ftmap. The simplest approach would be to draw a hex-map as a
image, although you'ld have to be careful with the scale and with the
ships' positions.
If there was a real demand for it, the program could be modified to draw
hex grid in
the same way as it currently draws a rectangular grid (I'm not convinced
that there is
enough demand though).

> Also there was a Java Full Thrust Battle Computer which was
> pretty good for tactical planning but not graphics rich, no URL?
I tried this at my previous job, but it didn't seem to work too well on
b/w Sun I was using (black ships on a black background...) - the only
of the URL I have is now over a year old:

and since I don't really have web access in my current job, I can't
check it. Anyone know if its still around ?

[Re A.I.]
> The other approach is robot ships (anyone played xpilot). It

Yeah, some of those bots are *nasty* - or perhaps I'm just not very
good at xpilot :-(


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