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RE: SG II House Rules - longish post

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 10:38:06 -0500
Subject: RE: SG II House Rules - longish post

> > Does anyone still play RL? I have to admit I loved Centurion! 
> I still play RenLeg, actually; I have a fairly complete RenLeg->DSII
> done that can be found on the Renegade Legion Web Pages floating
> one of these days I should finish it and post.

Please do. Do you have the URL for the RL web page?
> This sounds a /lot/ like it should be in the scenario conditions
> than something put together ad-hoc in the timeframe described by SGII
> DSII (in the latter case, it can be assumed such things are abstracted
> into the QD results; high rolls imply that a good
> ambush/coordinated-attack was pulled off).

I was thinking Hasty Ambush here. I can put together an ambush in 5 
minutes (one SG2 turn) but doctrine requires that I identify who 
initiates the ambush, where squads and support weapons should be 
positioned, how the fire will be conducted (and any special 
designation of targets or units that will have special fire 
instructions),	and when things stop. These are typically outlined by 
the Lt. or senior sergeant to the squad leaders in about a two to 
four minute quick huddle. Then break. It might take a total of ten 
minutes to get setup. Part of the thing most people don't understand 
is that you have to be able to set these up quickly and it is a 
drill you practice. 

I don't buy the comment about QD necessarily because you still have 
the one unit fires, defending unit runs away, other units can't fire 
too well effect. All the QD in the world doesn't solve that one. 

> I read it as going IP being a bit more involved than *just* 'hit the
> dirt,' picking a good rise to lie behind, making sure you have a
> line of fire, etc.  The immediate tendency for trained soldiers to go
> belly-down in the bush better and quicker than civvies is why they get
> that better QD.

And perhaps a bad die roll on your QD implies that the enemy hit the 
dirt really fast. What I don't like about it is you roll a range die 
for defending against a course of fire, but that isn't based on your 
unit quality, so in SG2 there isn't (unless I've got this muddled) 
any difference in how fast civilians go prone and how fast a SOG team 
hits the deck and finds the best available cover. Perhaps IP implies 
getting behind whatever cover is available defensively, but I think 
that you'd really be trying to do that 'on the bounce' when people 
are shooting at you. 

Or perhaps a unit quality mod to range die? Hmmm. I don't know. Just 
some stray thoughts. 

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