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Re: SG II House Rules - longish post

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 12:59:41 -0500
Subject: Re: SG II House Rules - longish post

> In situations such as a Platoon Ambush or a defensive position the
> Platoon Comd can give a groupd fire command. This will first require a
> successful communication to each participating squad. Those within 6"
> command radius will be automatic. Those outside 6" will require a
> separate action ie effectively on two squads outside of 6" can
> participate. If the communication is successful then a Qual/Leadership
> rill is required.

Just to clarify - This roll is required for all units participating, 
not just those outside 6". Perhaps this is obvious to all, but I 
thought I'd better make sure.  (assume this is the case)

 Shift the dice used DOWN once for each squad in excess
> of two participating (this reflects the added difficulty of a Pl Comd
> co-ordinating the fires of more than two squads under command). If the
> roll is successful then conduct a fire combat but using ALL the dice
> the firing squads involved simultaneously. The Target unit rolls a
> normal range dice; if squads are firing at different range bands then
> use the highest die type. If a Major success add the total of all
> Firer's die and divide by the Target die type as normal.
> If unsuccessful, each squad will still fire as an individual squad.

Right then, or do the ones that blew their roll fire later (as a 
separate firing) in the normal alternating scheme of initiative?

> just represent the unco-ordinated fire from the squads. Whether
> successful or not the communication and fire uses up both actions of
> squads involved in the turn. They may still move, re-org, throw smoke
> etc if they ahve not already activated this turn.

Hmm. If both your actions are used up, how do you move, re-org, throw 
smoke, etc? 

> Cavalry
> Cavalry mounted on horses, sauropods, ton-tons, cows, large geese or
> whatever! Thjis appeals to me somewhat; colony worlds or a Selous
> type troop where lo-tech transport has advantages.

Maybe areas rugged enough that vehicles (except for air) can't go, 
and they can't land.... thus making pack and riding animals quite 
useful. Or (following an SG2 economic model) its just plain cheaper!

> A number of issues.
> Supression
> This will effect the animals differently than people or humans. When
> animals are panicked (supressed) they will tend to flee as a group
> rather than crouch, take cover etc. When a unit/squad containing
> animals comes under fire and is suppressed/fails a Confidence Check
> run the risk of the animals bolting. To reflect this, a squad shot at
> whilst mounted will need to pass a CL check. TL corresponding to the
> range of the animals to the firing. ie Range Band 1(d4) = TL 5, down
> Range Band 5 (d12) = TL1. Roll against Leadership on Quality die.

Okay, you appear to be assuming the human leader's leadership is the 
relevant value here. Although this is simple, it isn't too accurate 
I'm thinking (or it may not be). 

I'm thinking you rate EW systems, ECM systems, Fire Cons, etc. Why 
not rate mounts similarly (as a system). And better mounts (war 
trained, experienced, or from a breed that is really disciplined or 
is just mostly oblivious to the outside world) would have a better 
die roll to avoid bolting. 

Assuming you have a mounted cavalry troop (not just people on horses 
who don't know anything), use the higher of the unit quality or mount 
quality (representing the ability of a good horseman to control even 
an unruly beast). Roll the higher die against Lv2 + TL. If the unit 
is unskilled horseman, use the lower die. 

For example:
Poor Mounts (riding horses, untrained, skittish) : d4
Below Average (draft horses): d6
Average (military riding horse): d8
Excellent (war trained military horse): d10
Superior (Tros horses, or like the one Gandalf rode or some exotic 
breed of War Beast - like the big green lizards ridden by the storm 
troopers in Star Wars): d12

So if we had a unit of Regulars cavalry mounted on average horses, 
they'd roll a d8 vs 2+TL. 

If we had a unit of Elite cavalry, mounted on Excellent horses, 
they'd roll d12 (the higher die) vs 2+TL. 

If we had a unit of Elite infantry, who happen to have be mounted on 
Below Average mounts (scavenged to escape an enemy offensive?), 
they'd roll d6 vs 2 + TL. (They aren't cavalry so all that matters 
here is the stability of the mounts). 

> Failure results in the unit 'bolting' for one combat roll directly
> from the firers. If the squad is Suppressed add one for each animal
> casualty to the Confidence Check. If the squad fails the roll then the
> squad will 'bolt'; move the combat roll away from the fire but will
> continue bolting each available action that the suppression is not
> removed!
> I'm open to suggestions on 'warhorse' training or other non-terrestial
> psychology effects on the animals here.

You've seen my idea for warhorses. Another variant would be using 
your idea of rolling against Lv, but rating the mounted unit Lv 
seperately for this purpose (A Horsemanship roll if you will) and 
rating the mount/rider combo as you do a leader in the game.

war and experienced trained rider and mount  with lots of time 
under fire: Lv 1 
trained rider (not too much experience) and mount: Lv2
untrained mount or untrained rider: Lv3

As for alien characteristics - what about carnivorous mounts that 
require checks (as above) at TL 2 vs mounting a charge when within 1 
move of the enemy .... etc. 

How do we handle cavalry charges? The intiial charge should be 
devastating (moreso than normal close assault) and subsequent rounds 
should be fought as close assault. We need to think about the 
implications of how this is conducted. They may (with fantastic 
cavalry) have natural weapons that are awesome.

How fast do cavalry move? I'd say 8-10" would be a good guess for a 
base move for normal creatures (faster than infantry, slower than 
vehicles) but fantastic creatures (taun taun) may move very fast. 

Note such beasties may also make excellent flankers, skirmishers, or 
scouts, even if you end up fighting hobilar style (dismount to 

> Casualties
> I'm sure most people have thought of this one as well. When casualties
> are awarded dice 1d6 to determine if rider or mount are hit. 1 or 2 is
> rider and 3-6 is mount. If mount is killed roll 1d12 for mount falling
> and quality die for rider. Result is treated as normal hit process ie
> d12 more than double QL die then dead (rider breaks neck in fall!!),
> etc. If mount is wounded roll 1d8 for mount and quality die for rider
> see if rider/mount remain upright. If QL die exceeds mount 1d6 then
> animal remains upright, but must be checked for wounds as per humans .
> The animal will still bolt for teh first combat move but will need to
> roll the 1d8 vs QL die each turn/activation to see if it remains on
> feet, arms, tentacles.

I think your 'kill the rider if he falls off' roll is too brutal. Yes 
this is dangerous, but you can stand a fairly good chance of falling 
from a horse without dying. And I really have my doubts about PA 
armoured troops on horseback (and I'd hate to meet the beastie that 
they could ride). How about a d10 for the fall, or a d8?   

> Firing from mounts
> If the preceeding action was spent stationary fire but die shift up
> for range. If preceeding action was spent moving then die shift up two
> for range. Support weapons may not be fired from mounted position. 
> Dismounting
> One action to dismount. When the squad dismounts 1 horseholder is
> required for every 4 mounts. ie 4 men dismount; 1 horse holder and 3
> conduct actions, fire etc. 7 men dismount for 2 horseholders and 5 to
> conduct actions etc. The horseholders become a detachment under the
> normal rules and mount move mounted or dismounted. If horseholders are
> not detached thenit is assumed the mounts have been left free and the
> squad lose them for the remainder of the game.

What about some cheap but high tech horse-holder that could be used 
in place of a guy? 
> OK,  constructive comments please?!

If these get hammered out, you should write them up and post them to 
the USG2W3P and Deathskull's page too  for all to see and use. I 
think this is quickly becoming the central repository for such info 
for SG2.  

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