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RE: Computer Full Thrust

From: Tim Jones <Tim.Jones@S...>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 13:57:05 -0000
Subject: RE: Computer Full Thrust

On Saturday, January 17, 1998 9:31 PM, TJ []

This is a bit late due to the fact I've been away 2wks (having a baby)
and had
580 FT messages to wade through!

> Ship Editor
> I wonder why no one has made a program for ship designs.  I've seen 
> the spreadsheets, 

Best candidate to what you describe so far

See windows 95 ship creator

> CFT Graphics
> It would be nice to capture that miniatures feel in CFT, but I don't 
> think it's necessary.  A simple overhead view using a hex based map 

Don't know if we really need hex maps. The best candidate to what you
so far

Also there was a Java Full Thrust Battle Computer which was
pretty good for tactical planning but not graphics rich, no URL?

> AI
> Always an issue in computer games.  Most of the space empire games 
> I've seen (Stars! and SE) have "battle logic" or "battleplans" that 
> are programmed by the player.  I'm thinking along the same lines 
> except with a little more detail added.  Of course in a game like CFT 
> you wouldn't need  these battleplans because the player is 
> controlling every aspect of the ships operation.  You could develop 
> what I call Battle Drills that could be used to make the computer 
> play better.	In a campaign game you could use these battle drills to 
> automate combat.  A collection of  battle drills covering certain 
> situations would be called a doctrine template.  This is the players
> warfighting philosophy directly translated into AI form.  The idea is 
> to get the computer to fight as if the player was actually 
> controlling the ships.

The other approach is robot ships (anyone played xpilot). It
would be quite simple to program a computer to place a ship so that 
its maximum number of its weapons can bear and the minimum of the
that would make the robots hard to beat in a broadside knife fight.
There are
some solo play robot rules knocking 'bout

I like your idea of doctrine templates, they could also be modified for 
xeno types. 

> Hope I didn't offend anyone by my ideas.  

Great people talk about ideas, Average people talk about things, 
Small people talk about people.

tim jones
Reality is for those who can't cope with Science Fiction.

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