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Re: Wing Commander for FT?

Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 03:49:19 -0500
Subject: Re: Wing Commander for FT?

At 03:50 AM 12/27/96 +0000, you wrote:
>	My only concern so far for Wing Commander conversion is Wing
>is a fighter based game, the fighters may need be consider as small
>instead of under current rule of fighters. (Then again, I don't have
>Thrust, so I cannot tell the rule there will help or not.) For example:

>Broadswords, and Avengers maybe consider a 5 ton ship? I don't think
>shield rule
>need be rewritten since it's pretty close to how the Wing Commander set
>it up.
>	I may just go to buy the Wing Commander trillogy so I can go
back and
>the number of guns on those big capital ship.. :)
>	Kevin


	1. If you're going to do a fighter-heavy Full Thrust game you
need More Thrust and its optional fighter rules (heavy fighters, attack
fighters, torpedo fighters, interceptors, fighter morale, fighter

	2. I wouldn't do the larger fighters from Wing Commander as
ships. Small ships can be targeted at range with all the heavier weapons
(including the huge capital ship mounted AA bats) and thus they will be
blown away at ranges that fighters cannot be engaged at in Wing
commander by
weapons that shouldn't be able to do it in wing commander either. I
establish a new type of "superheavy" fighter to simulate these larger
fighters from WC. If you have them, adopting many of the Star Fleet
rules for double-spaced heavy fighters might do the trick.

	3. Except for WC I, you need torpedoes to damage big ships. In
Thrust, ordinary fighters and attack fighters can damage big ships
torpedoes. So I would use only interceptors and torpedo fighters and
combinations thereof to simulate wing commander fighters. (Fighters
attacking ships without screens, like merchants and escorts should be
to damage them just fine, ala WC.)

	4. You might also want to establish a dogfight vs. dogfight
or something for WC planes. There is little room for variation in
types in the basic Full Thrust rules; however, you could adopt the
rating system from one of the more recent Babylon 5 Full Thrust house
sets. You'll find them on Mark Siefert's page.


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