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Re[2]: Points, Mass and FT3 [FAO MJE-JMT-GZG]

From: M.J.Elliott@u...
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 08:32:54 -0500
Subject: Re[2]: Points, Mass and FT3 [FAO MJE-JMT-GZG]

IIRC Jon has no commercial interest in producing fantasy rules. His
has always been "How can a small company like mine compete with the
likes of 
GW?" JMT is SF through and through - and lets face it, with all the
stuff you
want us to produce for our existing games systems, do you _really_ think
got the time to branch out into another period? Forget it.

In the meantime, lets assume that JMT has no interest in Fantasy and
start work
on a game based on the FMA concept. I will get confirmation from Jon
that he's
happy about this, but I can't see any problem. If the worst comes to the
and he says he wants to do it then we simply off load the discussion to
point as input to him. I rally think its unlikely though.

Count me in on the discussions please.

Mike Elliott

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Subject: Re: Points, Mass and FT3 [FAO MJE-JMT-GZG]
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Date:	 13/12/96 06:21

Ok Alan I'm in, if we can get a few more people to help with the design 
and background.  How do you want to run this?  I think a good starting 
place would be the overall game concept, ie. scale, morale based, 
representation on the tabletop.  From there we can deduce the types of 
mechanics we need, and finaly knock around a background.  

BTW if this gets going I think we should handle it through personal
and only post general questions and surveys to the mail list.  It is 
afterall an FT mailing list.  

So to all of you who want the chance to have input on a Fantasy set of 
rules using FMA (If Jon is okay with it) jump on the band wagon now, and

well starter up and see if she's got any gas.  
BTW I also think that any set of rules, no matter how good they are, and

hey they could stink, should be public domain for those intrested.

My email is
Joe Noll

> From: Allan Goodall <> 
> To:
> Subject: Re: Points, Mass and FT3 [FAO MJE-JMT-GZG] 
> Date: Thursday, December 12, 1996 10:26 PM
> At 01:37 PM 12/12/96 -0800, Brian wrote:
> >> IMHO I think A Mass Battle Fantasy Game is in order.  I know its
> >> Sci-fi until now, but JT has a knack for representing complicated 
> >> in simple and consice game mechanics; and nowhere is this needed
> >> in the Fantasy gameing genere.  And you have got to admit alot of 
> >> play fantasy.  It may be a good business move, if he can get
> >> that disgruntled Games Workshop (TM) crowd. 
> >
> >I cannot tell you how fantastic this would be... Jon, if you get wind

> >this, sign me up for a copy now!
> I wouldn't hold my breath. As much as I'd love this, I seem to
> comment from Jon that he's not all that interested in Fantasy. 
> This is unfortunate. There's a thread on
> few WHFB arguing it's worth while the rest of us argue against the
> spawn of the evil GW (can't tell which side I'm on, huh?). What is 
> obvious is, to paraphrase Churchill, WHFB is the worst fantasy battle 
> available, except for all the others.
> There really aren't any really good fantasy battle rules. I hate WHFB 
> reliance on super figures and it's style-over-substance attitude. I 
> Hordes of the Things, but it's really too small and there's a certain 
> of flavour. I haven't tried a fantasy variant to DBM, but I'd prefer 
> something more "official" and written with fantasy in mind. Leviathan 
> to be an oversized skirmish set (which is, really, what WHFB is all 
> I have Martin Hackett's Fantasy Wargaming, but it's not well
> (and might be out of print). The only other set I've seen is Legendary
> Battles by the writers of the Canadian Wargaming Journal. 
> We really need a good, solid, intelligent, non-partisan fantasy
> Something definitive, like Fire and Fury or Johnny Reb are definitive 
> games, Harpoon is the definitive modern naval game, and (as if it
> be said) FT is the definitive fleet starship combat game. If anyone
> it, it's Jon.
> Hmm, here's an idea. How about a project team to build a FMA style 
> game, to be distributed free of charge on the net, but only if Jon has

> interest in fantasy? With the people available on this list, I'm sure
> could come up with something that could easily compete with WHFB.
> Allan Goodall:
> "You'll want to hear about my new obsession. 
>  I'm riding high upon a deep depression.
>  I'm only happy when it rains."    - Garbage

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