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Re: Large and Super ships

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 04:59:28 -0500
Subject: Re: Large and Super ships

At 08:14 PM 12/8/96 +0000, you wrote:
>   In the huge battle I mentioned earlier (the 10000 point vs ~ 7000
>campaign thing from below!), my enemy (Kevin) had a smaller fleet in
>of ships than I did- not including the extra FTL tugs I used to get
some of
>my non-FTLs to the table.
>   With so many points, he gave in to temptation and build a Mass 400,
>non-FTL supersip (and a super-tug to get it to the battle).  It easily
cut a
>swath through my normal capital ships & cruisers in its path, dividing
>firepower over 4-7 targets per turn and getting threshholds on each!
> (Usually each ship was destroyed in 1-3 salvos, depending on how
>it seemed.)
>   Everything was going pretty well for him, until two Longbows hit,
>with 6 needle missile salvoes in the same turn!  He only had 14 PDAFs
>divide, to he took quite a pounding.  Bad luck on my part resulted in
>one shield kill by needles... but it was midnight Sunday, so we didn't
do the
>two thresholds that the missiles crossed.  (OK, the third threshold was
>advanced 7 by about 12 squads of fighters that took advantage of the
>   Anyway, until the missiles hit, he mopped me up with the supership. 
>was better than gold for him:)  After he had lost his drive (both
steps) to
>needles things might have changed, but he had enough ships left to
cover his
>rear (it appeared... we weren't able to play it out).
>   [And we've sworn not to play that big a battle again, unless we have
>full weekend and no other commitments...]

	Would you be willing to provide the ship specs for the vessels
in this encounter (what mass, weapons, systems, costs, etc.)?


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